IAS is always most proud of its Ferdowsi Schools of Long Island and Westchester. These two (2) schools have always been the jewel of our organization and the most important part of our mission. Expanding the Persian (Farsi) language, the arts, and our heritage is taught from the very young age of our students until the time their graduate. They celebrate Persian cultural events that are thousands of years old, such as Nowruz, Yalda, Mehregan, and are taught the meaning and importance of each to pass on from generation to generation. Moreover, our schools also provide students with arts classes which relate to our Persian culture, such as mosaic art and music classes with traditional Persian instruments. These introductions to our students have proven to last with them for a lifetime.  We have had student reunions where we are told by former students of the many activities that they will never forget and will undoubtedly pass on to the next generation. We hope to provide more and more classes with language and different variations of the arts in order to pass our beautiful and unique traditions to the next generations to come.

REGISTRATION is now open for the 2019-2020 school year.  With our location right off the Long Island Expressway for our Long Island School we hope to attract more of our community to our wonderful schools.  For our Long Island School, please call (516) 343-0047 and for our Westchester School, please call (516) 759-8398.  See everyone this upcoming year!

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