The IAS Teen Chapter creates a safe community among Iranian American teenagers. Many times, these teens feel out of place among traditional Americans as well as Iranians; therefore, this community is one that everyone in the group can relate to with their unique experiences.

Additionally, the IAS Teen Chapter aims to create a strong network among all Long Island Iranian Americans. Through sports lessons, tutoring sessions, and music lessons, the teenagers in the chapter mentor and befriend younger children around them. Also, older members of the Iranian American community hold info sessions regarding college admissions, job advice, and Q&As which expose the teenagers to opportunities they may not have had otherwise.

Finally, the IAS Teen Chapter aims to spread awareness regarding the Iranian culture through various discussions and teaching sessions. Many times American schools do not teach about Iran in class; therefore, we teach the teenagers in the chapter about historical figures that have paved the way for them and their families. From Omar Khayyam, to Rumi, to Sedigheh Dolatabadi, we work to educate the teenagers around us.